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Paptrim Products were the first to introduce a range of aluminium roof edge trims which were patented in the 1950’s by the Pitchmastic Asphalt Paving Company Ltd. In the following years ‘Paptrim’ became the brand name for all aluminium roof edge trims and established itself as the specifier's favourite.

In 1984, Pitchmastic decided to extend the range of roof edge trim products by introducing a range of GRP trims for both felt and asphalt applications. The total number of GRP profiles has now reached 32.

In 2006, RBJ Reinforced Plastics Ltd (the manufacturers of Paptrim GRP roofing products) purchased Paptrim Products Ltd.

Paptrim GRP roof edge trims are quality manufactured to ISO 9000, have been approved and are recommended by many leading felt and asphalt manufacturers with some trims solely specified in their guaranteed systems. We are proud to have the largest selection of specific/dedicated roof trims on the market for all applications which include:

  • Major projects
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Flats
Paptrim Products are British owned and manufactured.